Application Program Interface (API)

Provide a layer of communication in which services can talk to each other in a programmatic way. Achieving just that requires going over a few hurdles.

Going Paperless

Jumping from stone tablets to pen and paper was a huge advancement in database technology. The next jump is even bigger!
Storing Data

Going Cloud

Cloud, as in, someone else's computer! Putting sensitive data in the hands of others presents a security challenge of its own.
Securing Data

Going GraphQL

Cavemen might grunt and bash sticks together for communication. GraphQL, on the other hand, is a query language for data.
Graphing Data

GraphQL Voyager

Checkout this tool for exploring GraphQL schemas. Navigate between nodes on the left and visualize them on the right with an interactive graph.

GraphQL Playground

Checkout this integrated development envirnment (IDE) for GraphQL. Type a request on the left, hit play, and get a response on the right.

Under the hood.

technologies we use:


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